St. John Home - "Providing quality care for the community we serve."
Application Process for Prospective Clients

Thank you for your interest in the high quality senior care at St. John Home!  *For more information and to speak with a staff member, please call St. John Home at 612-245-3474 and conduct a brief phone interview. We would love to learn more about the special needs of you and your loved one!

During this initial phone call, we strongly encourage you to schedule an in-house visit at St. John Home.  Both family and the prospective resident are encouraged to attend.  This allows each individual to experience our beautiful facility and determine if St. John Home is the correct fit.  

When visiting St. John Home, a registered nurse will conduct an admission assessment to determine the level of care required for each prospective resident.  If an in-house visit is not possible due to client immobility, complex health issues, or other reasons, a registered nurse will come to you!  

We hope you choose St. John Home to meet your residential care needs!  Upon deciding to enroll your loved one as a resident at St. John Home, our staff will assist you to fill out the appropriate paperwork, sign a service plan agreement, answer your questions, and facilitate the process of moving forward.

We look forward to hearing from you!